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typicalalliecat's Journal

Alright. My name is Allie. I am 17 and a senior in highschool. I have a very contradicting personality that some would find bordering a bit on Bipolar. Cynical but understanding. Blunt but compassionate. Vengeful but forgiving. I'm a cancer so I am naturally prone to mood swings and drastic emotional shifts. I am typically sensitive and react to this by being defensive. I am an artist. I draw and paint both traditionally and digitally though the I am still a bit noobish at painting. I aspire to be a manga artist or animator. I also write, and have been told I am good contrary to my belief. I might post some drabbles here if I want...who knows? Over all I will probably have millions of entries since I have the need to express my opinion on almost /everything/...so bear with me <3